Robert Douglass is in the first row, seated, and is the fourth from the right.  Timothy Edwards is in the second row.  He has a white beard, and is just to the left of the first row man with the cane and white hat.


Civil War Diary
of Robert T. Douglass, Co. F, 47th Va. Regt.

May, 1863

May 3. This last was the giving up of 
this poor Yankees diary. He kept it up
till he lost his knapsack at 
         fight and this book 
was found in his knapsack.
Captured on the
         battlefield at 
         May 3rd, 1863
This ended his diary
Next I will commence
         on the next page
R.T. Douglass, Co. F, 47th Va.
[Transcribers note: At this
         point Mr. Douglass didnt  know if the diarys
original owner was dead or alive. In fact, Mr. Owen bought another diary,
filled in the previous days before he lost it as he could & continued an
account of his service for the rest of 1863. I will continue Mr. Douglasss
diary first, then pick up Mr. Owens story.]
May 10. Confederate
         Diary by RTD. 
We had orders to move &
         we packed up and
struck tents & then
         were ordered to 
remain until morning (as
         the weather was
hot). So we can travel whilst
         it is cool 
& we were very glad. Sorry
         to hear of
the death of Lt. Gen Jackson.
May 11. Marched
         according to orders and 
are now encamped
         about five miles from
Port Royal.
         Been to the swamp and washed 
off and feel
         much better since washing. 
Weather very
         warm. Comrades busy fixing 
their tents.
May 12. On guard
         today. Erected a guard 
house and put in
         several prisoners.
Several men acquitted.
         Heard a speech 
delivered by Lt. Gov. R.
         S. Montague on
the hill side close to our
May 13. In camp and nothing to do. 
Wrote a letter to my mother. Had a little
shower of rain this afternoon. The clouds 
have now passed around and not much
probability for much rain at this time.
May 14. Raining this morning. Read four 
chapters in the bible. Brigade drawn up
in line of battle to witness the drumming 
out of a member of the 53rd Va. Regt.
I had beef stake today seasoned with 
         onions and my desert was sugar &
May 15. Clear
         and cool this morning. 
Had company drill.
         Dont feel very well
this evening. No news
         of importance in 
camp. I believe at this
         time expecting
to hear the sound of the drum
moment for battallion drill.
May 16. On duty
         today. Signed our pay 
rolls and went up
         to the Qr. masters
department and drew our
         two months 
wages up to the 1st May. Nothing
importance going on in camp.
May 17. Went
         over to the 40th Va Reg. 
to preaching this
         morning. Also attended
meeting in the afternoon.
         Services were 
held by Mr. Anderson, Chaplain
         of the
40th Reg. Quite pleasant this afternoon.
It is you say.
May 18. Dont
         feel very well to-day. 
Wrote several letters
         this morning. Not
quite well this afternoon.
         No drills 
this afternoon in our Reg. Attended
meeting at night in the 40th Va Reg.
May 19. One man
         absent without leave 
this morning in our
         co. Supposed to have
deserted. Regimental
         inspection of arms 
this morning by Capt.
Nothing of importance this
May 20. This morning finds me in camp 
as lonesome as ever. Nothing to do but
drill. Relieved from guard this morning 
at 8 OC. Laid down and slept till 12
         Woken up & feel very unwell. Very 
         and cloudy this afternoon.
May 21. Hear some firing up the river 
this morning. Instead of Co. drill we had
to police our camp this morning. 
Inspection of wagons this morning. Nothing 
of importance this afternoon except Co. 
drill in place of battallion drill.
May 22. On duty today. Weather quite warm 
and dry. Drilling today as usual. 
Everything quiet along our lines. Nothing 
of importance going on at this time.
May 23. In camp today alone. Regiment
gone on picket and I am left behind on
camp guard. It is very lonesome indeed 
to be in camp when all have gone on
picket except a few sick. Bad news from 
         Not reliable.
May 24. Another lonesome Sabbath to be 
spent in camp. Attended public worship
this morning in front of the Qr. masters 
tent. Very warm this evening. My regiment 
(the 47th Va.) was relieved from picket 
this morning.
May 25. Cool and misty of rain this morning. 
12 OC sitting around a fire where there is 
a pot of peas boiling for dinner. Had 
dress parade this afternoon. Very cool 
for the time of year.
May 26. On camp guard today. No news of 
any importance from Vicksburg in todays
papers. Quite pleasant this afternoon. 
Played a game at ball with my friends in
the 40th Va. Reg.
May 27. Relieved from guard this morning. 
Out in the field playing ball with a
portion of the 40th Reg. Quite pleasant. 
No battalion drill this afternoon.
Dress parade in the afternoon. No orders 
of any importance.
May 28. Sun arose beautiful this morning. 
22nd Batt gone on picket. Election today 
for Gov. and other state members. All 
drills suspended on acct. of election. 
Played ball this afternoon for excercise. 
Prospect for rain.
May 29. On guard today. Generals review 
by R. E. Lee Commander in chief of C.
forces. The most beautiful scene I ever 
witnessed before. A.P. Hills old
division was reviewed. Good news from 
         today. Two balloons visible in
May 30. Cool and pleasant this morning. 
Company drill as usual. No news from
Vicksburg or other parts of the army today. 
Played ball this evening for sport as I 
had nothing else to do. Bad news from home.
May 31. Another
         beautiful Sabbath morn 
has dawned. Went
         to preaching in the
40th Va Reg. Very windy
         day today. 
Rumors about having to march
         in our camp
today. Attended preaching again
         in the 
afternoon in the 40th Reg.

June, 1863

Jun 1. The first
         day of June is a most 
beautiful day. Had
         a ration of sturgeon
issued to us this morning.
         Rumour in 
camp about having to march. Went
one mile from camp with my friend
Chilton to get straw berries.
Jun 2. On guard
         today. Very dry for 
the want of rain. Wrote
         a letter and
started it home by a friend
         that was 
going down. Played ball this afternoon.
No news in camp of any importance.
Jun 3. Rained
         a little this morning about 
day. Went down
         to the river fishing
with a friend from Co.
         D of my Reg. 
Returned without a single fish
         not even
having a bite.
Jun 4. Aroused
         from our slumber about 
2 OC this morning
         with orders to cook up
three days rations
         and strike tents and 
be ready to march at
         sunrise. Marched
about 5 miles and are now
         encamped at 
Round Oak Church.
Jun 5. On picket
         near the mouth of the 
Massapomax creek.
         The enemy are on
picket on the opposite side
         of the river. 
We are about 200 yards apart
         but not
allowed to talk with each other.
yankee swam over & brought us some
& we gave him tobacco in exchange.
Jun 6. Withdrew
         our pickets last night 
about 10 OC. ( The
         enemy having crossed
above us) & marched
         opposite to where 
they camped. P.M. Light
         skirmishing along
our lines. Shower of rain
         this evening. 
Yankees seem to be busy on
         the other
Jun 7. Another
         beautiful Sabbath morn. 
12 OC & nothing
         of importance happened
yet. Some cannonading
         going on at this 
time but doing no damage.
         I believe
skirmishers are trading papers
of bullets. Not much prospect for
fight today.
Jun 8. Out on
         outpost this morning but 
quiet along our
         lines. P.M. and the
enemy dont seem to be
         disposed to advance 
yet. Relieved from picket
         this evening 
having spent a very long and
day on out post in the sun.
Jun 9. Still
         lying in our entrenchments 
awaiting the
         advance of the enemy. Hear
some firing a
         long ways up the river. 
Supposed to be Longstreet.
         Long smokes
are seen on the north bank of
Rhappahannock river.
Jun 10. Still
         awaiting the enemy to 
approach our entrenchments
         but it seems
doubtful about their advance.
report all quiet along our lines.
         One man
got wounded by fooling with a bomb
Not a gun has been fired today.
Jun 11. Everything
         quiet in camp this 
morning. Played a game
         with ball called
cat. Had a little shower
         of rain this 
morning. Report of another
         fight by Gen
Stuart up the river. Enemy driven
across the river.
Jun 12. A balloon
         ascended in Stafford 
this morning and was
         fired at by our
batteries on this side the
         river. It 
descended at a double quick. Some
cannonading going on from both sides 
of the Rhappahannock river.
Jun 13. All quiet this morning. 
Not a gun has been fired up to 12 OClock 
today. Some cannonading is going on 
now but not with much affect. Severe 
         arising. I expect the 
yanks will recross
         the river.
Jun 14. Came on picket this morning. 
Yanks fell back across the river and our
pickets advanced to the river shore. 
Left our entrenchments and marched up
         Fredricksburg and have now stopped 
on a
         hill side in an open field close
to a little
         stream of water.
Jun 15. Marched today at noon up the 
river by Chancellorsville and are now
above the battle field. It is a horrid 
         place for anyone to pass. (It
looks like
         a graveyard). Now we have 
stopped for the
         night and I have eat some
Jun 16. Marched
         at sunrise and crossed 
the Rapidan river
         (distance about 15
miles). I have stopped
         to cook rations. 
Very warm this afternoon.
         Not much
water in this part of the country.
Jun 17. Took
         up our line of march this 
morning about
         sunrise & reached
Stevinsburg before
         we rested. Continued 
our march & reached
         Culpepper C.H. a
distance of seven miles
         and stopped for 
further orders. Culpepper
         C.H. is a
beautiful little town for a county
Jun 18. Left Culpepper C.H.  this morning 
& marched in the direction of Front
Royal and stopped at a little town called 
Woodville. It was the most severe
march I ever before experienced, it being 
hot & dusty. Heavy rain this afternoon 
lasting all night.
Jun 19. Left Woodville & marched five 
miles & came to Sperriville & next we
came to Washington, both being little 
towns in Rappahannock county and we  have
now stopped at Gaines crossing, marching 
the total distance about 17 miles. PM
quiet pleasant.
Jun 20. Marched at 3 Oclock AM through 
Flint Hill & came to Front Royal & got
dinner. Next came to the Shenandoah & 
crossed on a boat to the other. I had to
ford & the water was deepest there have 
been a heavy rain.
Jun 21. Marched in Clarke county to White 
Post (a little town) & continued the
march & came within 2 miles of Berryville 
where we were ordered to halt for the
night, & cook rations. Saw some beautiful 
ladies on the road today. Another Sabbath 
spent in hard marching.
Jun 22. Lying still this morning. No orders 
to move at present. Large no. of wagons are 
moving up & down the road. Received a letter 
from home this evening that brings the news 
that all my parents are well. Thanks to the 
Jun 23. Marched about 1 mile this morning 
orders were countermanded & we went back 
in camp & staid about 2 hours when we were 
ordered to march again. We marched through 
Berryville & on through Rippon, a distance 
of about 10 miles & then halted.
Jun 24. Marched in rear of
         our div. today 
as rear guard. Went through
that memorial spot where old
         John Brown was 
hung. We have now stopped
         about 2 1/2 miles 
from Shepherdstown to
         bivouac for the night. 
Quiet pleasant.
Jun 25. Marched
         to Shepherdstown, forded the 
Potomac river
         & reached Maryland shore about 
8 OClock
         A.M. Continued our march through 
         & came to Tilghmanton & kept on 
         reached Hagerstown where we halted for 
Jun 26. Left Hagerstown & marched through 
Leitersburg and reached Franklin county 
Pensylvania about 3 OC P.M. Very pretty 
country but the citizens look sour at our 
secesh soldiers. Wet and rainy today.
Jun 27. Marched today by the
name towns 1stWaynesboro, 2ndDunoy,
Funkstown 4th Fayettsville & stopped
Greenwood for the night.
         Hard looking
crowd in this country, mostly
Cloudy this afternoon.
Jun 28. Rested
         today at Greenwood. Went 
out in the town
         & got some cherries to
eat. Company inspection
         at 4 OC PM. 
Walked out this evening to view
Pa. Drank some
         lemonade this evening. 
Good news from Vicksburg.
Jun 29. Orders
         to march at 10 OC. 
Marched over the mountains,
         a distance 
of 10 miles & stopped near
         Cashtown to 
bivouac for the night. Rained
         some this
afternoon. We are camped at the
         foot of 
the mountains and can see a good
of Pa.
Jun 30. Marched
         from Cashtown through 
New Salem down the
         road to support Gen.
Pettigrews brigade that
         went to drive 
the yankees from Gettysburg.
         Returned to
camp without firing a gun. Orders
remain in camp & keep our guns in

July, 1863

Jul 1. Left our camp & marched
Gettysburg &
         met with the enemy before
we got there &
         we were ordered in the 
fight & we fought
         for some time driving
the enemy beyond the
         town from all fronts. 
One man killed 1st
         Lt., 1 man wounded 
in our Co. (F).
Jul 2. Detailed
         to go to the wagons to 
cook up rations for
         our Co. (F). No
fighting this morning. P.M.
cannonading going on but not much
Drove the enemy 2 miles from their
Our division not engaged today.
feel very well.
Jul 3. Drawn
         up in line of battle ready 
to charge the
         enemies breastworks. The
boys are busy throwing
         up dirt with 
their hands for a shelter.
         P.M. heaviest
cannonading going on I ever
         heard in my 
life. Our line advanced on the
but soon repulsed.
Jul 4. Still
         lying on our arms. Nothing 
going on but
         picket firing today. P.M.
Orders to fall
         back from our position. 
Artillery busy moving
         off. Our division
commenced to retreat about
         8 OC & marched 
till sunrise the next
Jul 5. ing having come by a little town 
Fairfields. Marched today through mud
about a foot deep & stopped about 9 OC P.M. 
at Frogtown, Franklin County Pa. marched 
all night going out on picket & never 
slept a wink. Robbed a hen roost about 
day & took two bee hives.
Jul 6. Went out from Waynesborough with 
Sergt. George Co. D to ___ some bread &
milk. Also went out & got some rasberries. 
Marched from Waynesborough 3 OC P.M. & 
reached Maryland about 6 P.M. & camped 
within 2 miles of Hagerstown Maryland.
Jul 7. Marched at daylight
         about 1 mile 
south of Hagerstown & stopped
         to get
rations. My Reg (the 47th Va.) detailed
as provost guard in town.A great many
men under the influence of liquor. Bought 
a pair of shoes for myself for ten
Jul 8. Still on provost guard. Went around 
to some of the union houses & got something 
to eat for the Federal prisoners. Nothing 
going on but arriving stragglers on the 
streets. Quite a tiresome job. Detailed 
for patrol guard to night.
Jul 9. Went to Washington house
         this morning 
and got my breakfast. 5OC P.M.
         orders to get 
ready to go to our brigade.
         We were relieved 
by the 35 Ga. regiment.
         Report that New 
         has been captured by our forces.
Jul 10. In camp & nothing to do. Some troops 
moving off now. Orders to march. Some 
cannonading going on not far from us. Marched 
to Funkstown Md. but did not cross the 
Antietam river but some drawn up in line on 
its banks.
Jul 11. At Funkstown guarding the bridges 
that are over the Antietam. Skirmishing 
going on in front. P.M. left Funkstown 
bridges & marched across the Sharpsburg 
Pike & formed a line of battle with the 
other portion of our brigade.
Jul 12. Went out on line of skirmishers 
this morning at day light. Advanced
with a few others out side our skirmishers 
to get water. Went within 100 yards
of the yankees. No firing on our line at 
all. 6 OC P.M. relieved from picket.
Jul 13. Rained this morning. The enemy 
seem to be hard at work fortifying. We
are still lying in our entrenchment 
         for their advance. Bad news from
         if true. Reported capture of 
         by the Federals.
Jul 14. On a retreat this morning having 
commenced it last night about dark,
the roads being ___ ___. Crossed the 
Potomac & reached old Va. shore about 11
OC A.M. Very glad to get back safe. Lost 
5 men from our co. (F) on the retreat.
Jul 15. Marched at 5 OC A.M. & passed 
through Martinsburg & kept on till we
reached Bunkerville where we went in camp, 
making about 15 miles to day. Went to the 
creek & washed off. Feel quite well after 
a long march.
Jul 16. Staid in camp to day to rest, clean 
our guns & wash our clothes. Wrote a letter 
to my mother. Washed & put on some clean 
clothes & feel much better. 
P.M. Hear some cannonading in the direction 
of Charlestown.
Jul 17. Still in camp. No orders to move 
yet. Wrote two letters this morning.
Recd a letter from home which tells me 
that all are well. Rain is falling very
         at this time. P.M. Wrote another 
         to my mother. Feel very well.
Jul 18. In camp and nothing to do but 
cook & eat; but very little we have to
cook: Pleasant weather after raining 
yesterday. Baked some green apples but
         were awful sour. Bought some butter 
         to eat this P.M. 
Jul 19. This is a beautiful sabbath morn. 
Oh I wish I was home to go to church & 
see all my friends & acquintances. Walked 
over to the division commissary train & 
got dinner with my friends. Came back & 
found a new Gen. attached to our brigade.
Jul 20. In camp
         & nothing to do and nothing 
to eat.
         Wrote several letters. P.M.
had regimental
         inspection this afternoon 
attended by our
         new Brigadier Gen. Walker. 
Some rations
         came at last but very few indeed.
Jul 21. Orders to march this morning. Packed 
up & ready for action. Marched at 12 OC 
about 2 miles south of Winchester & stopped 
for the night. Cooked up rations all night 
& were ordered to leave at 4 Oclock A.M.
Jul 22. Marched
         this morning at sunrise on 
the Front Royal
         pike & in that direction. 
Arrived at
         Front Royal about 2 OC P.M. 
I went down
         in town & got my supper. 
We crossed
         the Shennandoah on pontoon 
bridges about
         1 OC P.M. 
Jul 23. Orders to move at sunrise. Came on 
in town & got some bread. Marched from 
Front Royal to within one mile of Flint 
Hill & stopped to get rations. Had no 
wood to cook with & we went to get some 
rails off the fence & we had to
carry them back by orders of Gen.
Jul 24. Marched from Flint Hill by Gaines 
crossing & met with the yankee cavalry 
not far off & had a small skirmish with 
them but drove them off. Kept on & 
crossed two rivers one was the Hazel. 
Camped not far from river.
Jul 25. Marched to Culpepper C.H. & camped 
in our old camps. Got a pass & went in town. 
Had my likeness taken. Bought some little 
articles & returned to camp but found my 
reg the (47) gone on picket. I didnt go but 
cooked up their rations.
Jul 26. Went down on picket this
         morning & 
carried the boys rations to
         them & returned 
to camp. Wrote a letter
         to my mother. Our 
reg. the (47 Va.) relieved
         from picket in 
the afternoon. Had inspection
         of arms after 
got to camp.
Jul 27. Went
         down in town this morning & 
bought some
         soda & a few other articles 
& returned
         to camp. P.M. had a very heavy 
rain this
         afternoon. Started to spring 
& got soaking
         wet & did not get a drop of 
Jul 28. Went
         up to the com. dept. this 
morning &
         got my hair trimmed by one of
my friends
         & returned & found guard 
         at around our brigade. Something
that we
         are unaccustomed to have a brigade 
Jul 29. Wrote
         home by a boy going down. 
Had 4 roll calls
         to-day, one drill & 2
inspections and
         nothing to eat. Hard 
times and more coming.
         Had a thunder 
storm this afternoon. One
         man came to 
our co. (F) from hospital.
Jul 30. Up by
         times to roll call. Drew 
a pr. shoes from
         the Qr. Mrs. dept. Had
co. drill this morning.
         P.M. drill 
suspended on acct of preaching
         service by
the Corps chaplain. Another thunderstorm
this evening. Dress parade this P.M.
Jul 31. Got a
         pass & went in town & got 
         articles & returned to camp.
Had co.
         drill in afternoon in place of 
         drill. Received orders late to
cook up one
         days rations immediately 2 
days rations
         of corn meal issued.

August, 1863

Aug 1. Beautiful August day.
         On brigade 
guard & have a good post.
         P.M. orders
to move. Fell in & marched
         about 1 mile 
& formed a line of battle
         northeast of
____. A.M. cavalry been fighting
some time. Very hot this afternoon.
Aug 2. Here we
         are lying out in the hot 
sun ____ Culpepper
         C.H. 10 OC orders to
go back to our old camp.
         Found all the 
fence near burnt up. Went
         to the creek
and had a bath. Came back &
         slept till 
Aug 3. Left Culpepper
         C.H. and marched 
on the Orange C.H. road
         to Cedar river &
halted to get water.
         Went on a little 
farther & halted till
         4 OC P.M. Marched
on some distance &
         halted at a church, 
name unknown & bivouaced.
Aug 4. Marched
         this morning over the 
Roberson river &
         halted for our corps
wagon train to pass.
         After it passed 
we marched in rear &
         crossed the Rapidann
river & found the
         other part of our 
division and we bivouacked.
Aug 5. In camp
         between Orange C. H. & 
the Rapidann
         river. Brigade guard out as
usual. Flanked
         them & went to the river 
& took
         a good bath. Heavy cloud in the
P.M. but
         not much rain. Read a letter 
from my mother.
Aug 6. Still
         in camp eating old course 
corn meal. Had
         2 days rations __issued
to us to-day. Went
         to the river & bathed. 
Drew one days
         rations of sheep for
tomorrow. Wrote a letter
         to my mother.
Aug 7. Very pretty morning. Had company 
drill this morning & dined off baked
mutton to-day. Had co. drill in the 
afternoon. Late in P.M. we had a heavy 
rain which lasted all night.
Aug 8. Clear this morning and the sun 
shines beautiful. Had no drill this A.M.
Got dinner and went to the river & bathed 
and returned and received a letter
from home which cheers me up in a great degree.
Aug 9. Another Sabbath spent in camp. 
Preaching by the chaplain of the 40th Va.
Reg and also by the chaplain of the 47th. 
in A.M. Preaching again in the P.M.
Wish I were home to have gone to church to-day.
Aug 10. Cleaned our guns, ready for inspection. 
Moved our camp about 200 yards and seperated 
the companies from each other. Fixed up our 
little tents and went to the river & took a 
good bath and returned to camp.
Aug 11. Had co. drill this
         morning, inspection 
at noon and battallion
         drill in the afternoon. 
Recd our pay rolls
         and made them off. The 40th 
         reg gone on picket from our brigade. Went 
         the river after supper and took a bath.
Aug 12. On guard today. Had drill & inspection 
in A.M. Battallion drill in the afternoon and 
dress parade also. Went up to the blacksmith 
shop after I came off post and had a rivet 
put in a knife.
Aug 13. Rained this morning and in consequence 
there was no drill. Went to the doctor to get 
some linament to rub my head with. Signed our 
pay rolls and drew our money this afternoon 
for two months; _____ May & June.
Aug 14. Had no drill but were
         ordered to 
clean our guns, ready for inspection
this afternoon. P.M. Rained & inspection 
did not come off. Wrote a letter to my
mother & sent it by a friend going home.
Aug 15. Detailed on police
         duty to-day. 
Had inspection at last at noon.
drill in the afternoon, it being Saturday
evening. Received a letter from home
and 2 pr. socks by boys coming up from home.
Aug 16. Beautiful
         day. Received several 
letters from home
         & one brings the sad
news of the death
         of one of my very dear 
friends. The hand
         of kind providence
has swept another from
         this troublesome 
Aug 17. On picket
         at:         on the 
Rapidann river. Wrote a letter to send
home. 5 OClock P.M. attended a baptism 
         some of the soldiers. Only two men
         Had a very small turn out at 
a baptising.
Aug 18. On police
         duty today. Wrote 
several letters home and
         otherwise. Went
down to the Rapidann river
         in afternoon 
and took a good bath with a
         crowd of
boys from the 40th Va. Reg.
Aug 19. On guard
         around a corn field to 
keep soldiers from
         pulling corn for
roasting. Had no fire &
         I loaded my gun 
a little powder & rag
         & shot it to
catch fire. Built up a fire
         & roasted 
some corn & eat as much
         as I wanted.
Aug 20. Went down in the edge of the corn 
field in a pea patch that I was guarding 
about day light & gathered a mess of peas. 
Got some corn also & was relieved & 
returned to camp & had a fine dinner.
Aug 21. All drills
         and everything suspended 
to-day for fasting
         & prayer. Went over to 
the 47th N. C.
         regiment to carry charges 
prefered against
         a man in said reg. to be 
court martialed
         the next day.
Aug 22. Went to drilling again as usual. 
Nothing else to do but a drill as the
yankees are not close to us. Had dress 
parade and there were no officers
         except Captain & one lieut. 
Aug 23. Detailed to go after deserters. 
Left camp & went to Orange C.H. & took
the cars. We got to Gordonsville about 
N OC A.M. Left there & reached
_____ville about 2 P.M. where we stopped. 
Went to the P river and bathed.
Aug 24. Drew a weeks rations
         of hard bread 
& bacon to carry on scout.
         Took the
Staunton train
         to Aston depot & got off & 
         toward Grunfries & stopped at
a church
         on road. Went out & got my supper.
Aug 25. Marched from ____church  on the 
____back mountain & stopped to await
deserters. Very lonesome place to be at 
indeed; cant see one house atall. Went
about 2 miles to get supper I ____caught 
in a river.
Aug 26. Went up on the _____peak of the 
humpback with another one from guard to
view the country. Prettiest scene I ever 
saw. Caught one old man that was deaf
but belonged to the army. Let him go again. 
Very cool this P.M.
Aug 27. Left Humpback mountain & went down 
on the flats. Laid in the woods all day, 
secreted about 10 OClock at night we 
surrounded a mans house & searched for 
him but he was not in; having run off.
Aug 28. Went to Aston depot to take
cars but they had all gone down after
troops & ____ could not get off. 
so I went back out on the flats
         & got 
dinner. Returned to the station
         & found
all the boys gone down on the
train to Charlottesville.
Aug 29. Took
         the train at Aston depot 
to Charlottsville
         & got in town at 11OC
A.M. Very pleasant
         trip this morning. 
Had my likeness taken
         & walked all over
the town to see the
         place. Very pleasant 
weather this afternoon.
Aug 30. Went
         to church this morning at 
the Baptist church.
         Had a very good
sermon. Wrote a letter to
         my mother at 
____. Very pretty day, cool
         & pleasant.
Feel quite unwell this afternoon.
a very, very bad headache.
Aug 31. Drew
         a weeks rations to start on 
scout &
         left Charlottsville & went to
         on the cars & got off & 
walked to
         Browns gap on the blueridge, a
distance of
         18 miles. Feel quite unwell today.

September, 1863

Sep 1. Guarding Browns gap.
         Quite sick to-day 
Cant eat a thing atall.
         Very cool in the 
mountains. Had a chill
         this  afternoon. 
Oh how
         badly I feel this afternoon.
Sep 2. Dont feel any better this morning 
atall. Came down off the mountains in
a wagon to White Hall and staid there all 
night not being able to walk any distance.
Sep 3. A friend carried me
         to Mechanicsville 
this morning where I took
         the cars to 
Charlottsville & am now
         quite sick indeed. 
Feel very much I have
         high fevers.
Sep 4. Feel much better this morning. 
Had an appetite to eat something. 
P.M. Two of our boys got in this evening 
on the freight train bringing one deserter
and placed him in the guardhouse.
Sep 5. Something better today all except 
my mouth being very sore caused by fever. 
Capt. Garland and the rest of the boys got 
in this morning on train and brought one 
Sep 6. Dont feel quite so well today. 
Have an awful bad headache. Went up to
the hospital and got some pills from the 
doctor. So unwell I cant go to church.
Sep 7. Drew another weeks rations ready 
to make another scout. Large auction
here to day and public speeches being 
made by politicians in the C. House.
         of citizens present.
Sep 8. All the boys left to day and I was 
left to take care of things left, as I 
had been sick. Everything is very quiet 
now since all the wild boys left.
Sep 9. Awaked up this morning and found 
myself all alone. No one to disturb me
in my slumbers. Tis very lonesome now 
with no one around, very unpleasant. Look
somewhat like rain this afternoon.
Sep 10. Got up very early this morning and 
got my breakfast and then laid down and 
slept till dinner. I never was so lonesome 
in my life as I have been since the boys 
went on the scout.
Sep 11. Still by myself & as lonesome as 
ever. Had apple dumplings to-day for
dinner of my own manufacture. I also had 
squirrel soup & mash potatoes. A portion 
of my detail got in this afternoon.
Sep 12. All the fellows got in this morning 
and I feel very much relieved indeed. They 
brought in one deserter. P.M. very dark cloud 
covering and look very much like rain.
Sep 13. Feel unwell this morning.
         Did not 
go to ch. Went up to the University
Chapel this afternoon to preaching. Sermon 
by Rev. _____Broadus a baptist preacher. 
Prayer by Rev. W. F. Broadus.
Sep 14. Drew another weeks
         rations to go on 
another scout. Did not
         go to-day. Reports 
that our army are about
         to have another fight 
with the enemy. Quite
         lonesome in Charlottsville.
Sep 15. Our squad from the 47th Va. left 
Charlottsville, walked the railroad to
Shadwell and searched one house. I crossed 
the Rivana river to Milton & Stopped
for a while. Continued our march from 
Milton to Buck Island.
Sep 16. Went from Buck Island up the road 
about one mile and got dinner & remained 
till night & returned to B. Island & 
searched one house but found no one atall 
that did not belong there.
Sep 17. Left Buck Island and
         went to Milton 
and staid all night. Rained
         late in the 
afternoon. Very warm weather
         for the time 
of year. Dont feel very well.
Sep 18. Went
         from Milton this morning to 
         Had a very hard shower
of rain this morning.
         No news of any 
importance from the Army
         of Northern
Sep 19. Nothing
         going on in Charlottsville 
of any importance.
         _____ quite good last 
night. Reports from
         the army that they are 
expecting a big fight.
         P.M. Went out to get 
some _______.
Sep 20. Very
         cool and windy this Sabbath 
morn. Went to
         preaching in the afternoon 
at the N. E.
         Church South. Very good sermon. 
No news
         of any importance afloat.
Sep 21. Some frost seen this morning. Drew 
another weeks rations to go on a scout. 
Left Charlottsville about 2 OC P.M. and went 
to Stormy Point a distance of 10 miles and 
then stopped to await deserters.
Sep 22. Not far from Stormy
         Point on picket. 
Very cool this morning.
         Boiled a pot of peas 
for breakfast and a
         pot of cabbage for dinner. 
Near in the direction
         of Madison C. House.
Sep 23. Orders at 10 Oclock last night to go 
to Charlottsville to go to our reg. Left 
Charlottsville on the train & went to our 
reg near Rapidann station and found all 
quiet along our lines.
Sep 24. In camp this morning and
         doing as before. 
Our reg. on pickett but
         relieved at 10 OC. A.M. 
Weather quite cool.
         No news of any importance in camp.
Sep. 25. Aroused before daylight with orders 
to cook up one days rations and be ready to 
move at a moments warning. Got ready and did 
not move as the orders were caused by false alarm.
Sep 26. In camp
         and all is still quiet along 
our lines.
         Went over to the division comm. 
dept. and
         got my portfolio from a friend. 
Quite pleasant
Sept 27. Our regiment gone on picket to-day 
and I am left on camp guard. Such are the 
ways our Sabbaths are spent. Recd a letter from home.
Sep 28. Cleaned
         our guns and had brigade 
inspection. Had
         brigade drill in the
afternoon lasting till
         sun down and dress 
parade after dark.
Sep 29. Laid
         off camp and cleaned it up 
very nicely.
         Had no drill this morning.
Had brigade drill
         in the afternoon but 
a very short drill.
Sep 30. No drill 
         in morning. Drill in 
afternoon. Wrote
         several letters to my
friends. Received several
         letters from 
home by detail that came up
         to the

Oct 1. Our reg. on pickett
         to-day. Saw 
several yankee prisoners that
caught by our cavalry brought through
our lines. Look very much like rain this
Oct 2. Relieved from pickett about 10 OC 
A.M. and had to come up through rain.
Rained all day and were confined to our 
tents all day without eating, it being
so rainy cooking could not be done.
Oct 3. Cleared off beautiful last night. 
Cool and pleasant this morning. On camp 
guard. Went to preaching in the 40th Va. 
Reg. No news of any importance in camp.
Oct 4. Thanks to God we are
         permitted to 
live to see another Sabbath
         day. Attended 
preaching in the 40th Va.
         Reg morn, eve 
and at night. Wrote a letter
         to my mother.
Oct 5. Our reg on pickett to-day. Very 
cool on the river on pickett. The 40th
regiment throwing up entrenchments on the 
banks of the Rapidann river.
Oct 6. Relieved from picket 10 OClock A.M. 
No drill in the afternoon. 6 O.C. P.M. 
orders to cook one days rations to go to 
throw up entrenchments.
Oct 7. Very hard at work throwing up 
entrenchments. Goes very hard with me as I
am not accustomed to work these war times. 
2 O.C. P.M. orders to cook up one days 
rations. Many opinions to what it is for.
Oct 8. Awaked up about one hour before 
daybreak with orders to strike tents and
be ready to move directly. Marched one 
mile to take the place of Pettigrews
         that moved off to some point unknown.
Oct 9. On outpost & the yankees are very 
anxious to trade papers. 3 O.C. P.M.
Relieved from outpost but did not return 
to camp. Detailed to go to camp to
cook rations. Great excitement in camps. 
Oct 10. Carried the rations to our boys 
on pickett. Relieved from picket in the
afternoon & returned to camp. Drew 4 days 
rations of hard bread & bacon. Hear some 
cannonading at a dist.
Oct 11. Another Sabbath spent in an uproar. 
Orders to be ready to move at a moments 
warning. Such are the ways we spend our 
Sabbaths. Left Rapidann station & 
marched to Mitchells station & camped.
Oct 12. Left Mitchells station
         & marched 
through Culpepper C. House
         and halted
near the Rappahannock river to
Passed a large no. of yankee camps
our boys were all over them.
Oct 13. Marched
         to day from Riconsville & 
forded the
         Hazel river and marched through 
         to the Rappahannock river & 
         at Warrenton Springs Va. Kept on 
to Warrenton
         where found our div.
Oct 14. Marched at daylight on the 
Manassas pike & passed two little places.
Little Baltimore & ____ & overtook the 
yankees near Bristow station where we
had an engagement with them.
Oct 15. Yankees all gone on toward Manassas 
& we are being still. Afternoon orders 
were to cook two days rations. Begun 
cooking & did not get through before we 
marched on the rail road toward Rappahannock sta.
Oct 16. Marched down the railroad
         and begun 
to tear it up. Had a very bad
         time at it as 
it rained all day long as
         hard & I even saw 
it snow. At night
         we built very large fires.
Oct 17. Clear & cool this morning. Tore up 
a portion of rail road and then marched to 
Rappahannock station and camped. Not a 
house can be seen in this part of Virginia.
Oct 18. On picket
         on the road leading to 
Elys ford having
         come on last night.
Everything quiet to-day.
         Troops lying still. 
Quite pleasant all the
         day. _____ of 
trains ______ crossing from
         the _______.
Oct 19. Relieved from pickett and marched 
over the Rappahannock river by pontoons 
& halted near Brandy station for camp. 
Very bad walking as the road is so poor.
Oct 20. In camp
         quiet again. Can see signs 
of shelling where
         we were. Shelled by the 
yankees 12 months
         ago. Pitched our tents 
ready for the cool
Oct 21. Rubbed our guns and had brigade 
inspection. Wrote a letter to my mother. 
Had orders late in the afternoon to be 
ready to move camp at 6 A.M. next day.
Oct 22. Moved to another camp west
our old one about one mile and some now.
Near a good spring. On police duty to-day. 
Quite cool this afternoon.
Oct 23. Went over to the cavalry
         camps to 
see some of my friends & acquaintances.
Returned to our camp having to come through
rain. Nothing going on in camp of importance.
Oct 24. Rained
         all day and we were compelled 
to stay within
         out tents all day long nearly. 
Very disagreeable
         to day, not being used to 
confinement in
         our tents.
Oct 25. Clear and cool, this Sabbath ____. 
Walked over to ___ division commissary 
with a friend. Had a service in our brigade 
and it was attended by our Gen. in chief, 
R. E. Lee.
Oct 26. Received a letter from home this 
morning that tells me all are well. Not 
well today. Suffering very much with the 
tooth ache. Very cold this afternoon.
Oct 27. Very cold to-day. Look
         very much 
like snow. Had company drill in
afternoon. Drew shoes from Qr. Master
department. Received ____ ____ blankets.
Oct 28. Feel
         very well to day. Darned a 
pr. socks ready
         for wear. Very warm &
____ to-day. Had
         inspection of camps 
by Brig. Genl H.W. Walker.
Oct 29. Detailed
         to throw up redoubts not 
far from the ____.
         Went 1st to Gen.
Walkers then to Gen ___  
         ___  ___ then to 
         div. ordenance train to get the
pieces to----
Oct 30. Nothing going on of much importance 
going in camp. The army is now busy
drilling and preparing themselves to meet 
the enemy.
Oct 31. We have orders to move camps this 
morning but it rained and prevented it. 
Mustered for pay to-day. Wrote a letter to 
& received one from my home. 

November, 1863

Nov 1. Another Sabbath & the 1st day of 
Nov. spent in moving camps and erecting
tents for the winter. Never worked harder 
before today on the Sabbath in fixing
my tent.
Nov 2. Finished fixing our tent and am 
now very comfortably situated. Signed
our pay rolls. Drew very good overcoats 
from the Qr. Masters dept. 
Nov 3. Wrote a letter this morning. Drew 
two months wages from our Qr. Master
this evening. Sending off pay received 
for two months service. Recd a letter
         home this afternoon.
Nov 4. Went over to the division commissary 
in the fore noon and got some peas from a 
friend. Bought some apples from the sutler 
of the 55th Va. Reg. department.
Nov 5. On camp guard at the
         guard house. 
Every gun in camp ____ ______
         put over
______. Keep from being troubled.
a letter to my sister.
Nov 6. Relieved
         from guard this morning. 
Stacked our arms
         again and guard put on 
them. Wrote several
         letters. No news in 
camp except that the
         yankees are
giving trouble at Fredricksburg.
Nov 7. Received
         orders about 10 OClock 
A.M. to cook one
         days rations to go on
picket. Sent on picket
         at 2 OC P.M. 
at Wilfords ford on the Hazel
         river and
relieved for the 4_ Va. regiment.
Nov 8. Taken
         off picket at 2 OClock 
A.M. & went to
         our camp & found all the
troops gone
         ____ and overtook them 
forming up in line
         of battle 3 miles north
of Culpepper C.H.
         Had a little fight with 
the enemy. Our brigade
         not engaged.
Nov 9. Fell back from Culpepper C. H. 
last night, ___ Roberson ___.  & cook one
days rations ___ all night. ____very cold 
& disagreeable. Continued our march to 
Rapahannock, recrossed to occupy our old 
camps. Snowed a little in afternoon.
Nov 10. Very cool and windy
         to day. Cut 
some wood to burn. Made a brush
to keep off wind from our fire. Can
a shower of snow on the Blue Ridge
Nov 11. Moved our camps to within one 
mile of Orange C. H. and are now encamped
in a very ____ place indeed. Very cloudy 
in the afternoon and looks very much
like snow.
Nov 12. Very pretty weather for this time 
of year. I fear it will bring on a fight. 
Had beef  _____ for dinner.
Nov 13. Orders
         this morning to cook two 
days rations &
         be ready to move. Cooked
two days rations
         and staid in camp all 
day without moving.
         Recd a letter from
Nov 14. Have
         not moved yet. Orders still 
to have two
         days rations cooked. Hear
some cannonading
         at a distance. Wrote 
two letters. Had a
         very hard shower of
rain late in the afternoon.
Nov 15. Had another
         hard rain again this 
morning and then cleared
         off very pretty. 
Had service at 10 OC. A.M.
         Orders in P.M. 
to get ready to move out
         on moments 
warning and then was countermanded.
Nov 16. This
         is my birthday which makes me 
twenty one
         years old. Where will I be one 
year from
         this time. Possible in eternity. 
Paid off
         ____ pay rolls to-day.
Nov 17. No news of any importance in camps 
to day. Drew two months wages from the Qr. 
Masters this afternoon. Wrote a letter to 
my sister, Lancaster county Virginia.
Nov 18. Orders to build ____
         to our tents 
and fireplaces for them. _____
acquaintence in regard 
         to the movement of 
the enemy again.
         Dont feel very well this 
Nov 19. On camp
         guard to-day. Most 
beautiful weather but
         rather warm for the
season. Feel very unwell
         all day to-day.
Nov 20. Quite unwell to-day. Cleaned our 
camp and rubbed our guns. Ready for
inspection tomorrow.
Nov 21. Rained all day & inspection did 
not come off. Very disagreeable all day
long. A part of our reg. gone on pickett 
this afternoon and they have had very
bad time indeed.
Nov 22. Clear and cool this Sabbath 
morning but the ground is quite___ & damp.
Wrote a letter to my mother. Feel quiet 
unwell this afternoon.
Nov 23. Had frost this morning. To be ready 
for brigade inspection at 1 OClocl
P.M. Had inspection of arms. On pickett 
and _______ & I was left ____ on camp guard.
Nov 24. Rained some this evening.
         Had some 
sweet & irish potatoes issued
         to us from 
the commissary dept. The right
         wing of our 
reg., the 47th Va. relieved
         from picket 
late this afternoon.
Nov 25. Detailed
         to go on fatigue duty 
& ______ helped 
         _____fortify ____ lines
at the Rapidann
         river. Returned to camp 
in P.M. Coming camp
         duty div. comm. ____.
Nov 26. Had inspection of arms and our 
brigade on train guard. [next entire
sentence illegible].
Nov 27. Had marching orders last night 
and we left our camp before daylight &
marched down the plank road toward 
Fredricksburg & met with the enemy near
Drainsville school & had a little skirmish.
Nov 28. Marched to & fro and up & down the 
lines & threw up two lines of breastworks 
& it was raining nearly all day long. One 
day ____very disagreeable indeed.
Nov 29. Another Sabbath day
         spent in 
throwing up breast works and rebuilding
them. Very cold and disagreeable indeed. 
No fighting along the lines to-day.
Nov 30. Our brigade on the
         outside line 
and I am on skirmish to-day,
heavy cannonading and _____, skirmishing
went on about 2 hours in the forenoon.

December, 1863

Dec 1. Lying behind our breast works and 
suffering very much with cold and firing 
along the lines to-day. ___any of 
importance _____. Recd a letter from a
Dec 2. Out on skirmish to-day and every 
line advanced & the yankees were all
gone having fallen back over the river 
last night. Some dead men left on the
skirmish line.
Dec 3. Marched from our breastworks ___ 
having swung back on the pike to our
old camp near Orange C.H. and found our 
chimney standing up right as when we
Dec 4. Feel very unwell indeed after 
our last trip we made after the enemy,
having caught a ____cold as the weather 
was extremely cold. All going on in
         as before.
Dec 5. Still unwell and have no appetite 
to eat anything. Received a letter & a
little bundle from home by a friend 
belonging to the 15 Va. cavalry.
Dec 6. Another Sabbath spent quietly in 
camp. Had co. inspection at 9 OC A.M.
and also a dress parade in the afternoon. 
Had preaching in our Reg. in the
Dec 7. Walked over to the division 
commissary dept. to see one of my friends.
The 40th Va. Reg. gone on picket from our 
brigade. Wrote a letter to my mother
at home.
Dec 8. Returned to duty & went on co. 
drill after being sick for several days.
Went out in the wood in the P.M. and 
cut some fire wood. Quite cool weather.
Dec 9. On camp guard & the regiment
gone on picket. Made some mortar and dobbed
my chimney. Received several letters from 
home late in the afternoon.
Dec 10. Still on guard &
         not relieved 
as the regiment has not returned
picket. Wrote several letters to my
relatives & friends. The regiment returned
from pickett late in the afternoon.
Dec 11. Relieved from guard
         at 9 OClock 
A.M. having been on 48 hours.
         Went over
to Keiths division commissary dept.
the afternoon to see some of my friends.
Dec 12. Received
         orders early this 
morning to be ready for
         inspection & review
at 9 OC A.M. Rained
         and we had no 
inspection and I was glad
         of it indeed.
Dec 13. Staid in camp all day & had a 
very dry time indeed. Had no company
inspection to day as our Col. is in 
command of our regt. Orders to be ready 
for inspection tomorrow.
Dec 14. Busy cleaning our guns for 
inspection and orders came to move & 
we left our camp & took the train to 
Gordonsville & from there to Staunton 
& there stopped for the night.
Dec 15. Took the train from Staunton 
about noon and went up near Buffalo gap
and got off the train. Marched some 
         & halted at the foot the mountains
         the night.
Dec 16. Laid over at the Buffalo Springs 
hotel all day and drew five days
rations of hard bread, bacon & beef 
and had orders to cook two days rations
immediately ready for action.
Dec 17. Left Buffalo Springs & marched 
in on the road to Staunton having been
up nearly all night before & had to 
march through rain & snow & twas freezing
on us as fast as fell. A day long to be 
Dec 18. Staid in camp near Staunton all 
day & dried our blankets & other
clothes. Wrote a letter to my mother. 
Went out to a gentlemans house in P.M. &
got supper.
Dec 19. Very cold to day and looks very 
much like snow. Drew some fresh pork to
day as rations. No orders to move yet 
and not many camp rumors afloat.
Dec 20. Another Sabbath day spent in 
rapid marching from Staunton to Mt.
Crawford on the Winchester pike. 
         excitement in the valley among the
         Home guard turned out.
Dec 21. Left Mt. Crawford at daylight 
& marched about 2 miles & formed a line
of battle & then left & next came to 
Harrisburg marching at a rapid rate in hot
pursuit of the enemy but did not overtake them.
Dec 22. Marched through New
         Market on to 
Mt. Jackson
         and camped. Our march to
day was quite slow
         ___ the distance about 
10 miles. The enemy
         are still pushing
toward Winchester.
Dec 23. Laid
         in camp to-day and lived off 
the fat of
         the valley. Some of the boys 
went out in
         the country & got butter milk, 
         & all such luxeries as the 
valley affords.
         Very pretty day.
Dec 24. Went out to a mill with a friend 
& got some flour & carried to a house
& have it cooked into bread. Returned 
to camp with my bread and butter milk
that I bought for Chrismas.
Dec 25. This Chrismas day now  are camped 
near Mt. Jackson. Where might I be on
another Chrismas day. Went out & got my 
Chrisday dinner. Also got some cakes &
persimmon beer.
Dec 26. Had inspection of arms at 12 OClock. 
Commenced having roll calls to-day. Look 
very much like rain this afternoon. Fixed 
a kind of shelter to keep me out the rain.
Dec 27. The last
         Sabbath in this year is 
a very disagreeable
         & rainy day. Who
will live to see the
         last Sabbath in next 
year. Everyone expects
         to see it. Wish 
that I was where I was this
         time last Chrismas.
Dec 28. Still rainy and disagreeable and 
have no tents to shelter ourselves
from the weather. Rumours in camp that 
we are to march toward Winchester. Dont
         the idea of going there.
Dec 29. Took a friends place on guard 
for him to go out foraging for him &
myself. Very pretty day after a rainy 
spell. Recd orders late in the afternoon
to cook rations & be ready to move 
         next morning.
Dec 30. Moved this morning out our camps 
on the pike toward Winchester about
1/2 mile & halted and the orders were 
countermanded & we returned to our camp
again with orders to be ready to move 
at a moments warning.
Dec 31. The last day of this year was a 
very disagreeable day. It rained &
snowed all day long. Who will live 
to see the last day of next year is a
         that cannot be answered. 
1863 has gone,
         never to return again. We are
now encamped
         at Mt. Jackson Shennandoah 
         Virginia. Where will we be 12
months from now. 
This ends my diary.

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